Zubile's Whitelist Application


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So, adventurer, what is your name? Zubile

Do you have any travel companions you'd like to bring along, friend? zliabli

Hm, how old are you, friend? I, er, need it for the form here. 23

How did you find out about this voyage, anyhow? ComradeYuta

Alright, we have some rules set about for the voyage ahead. To make sure you understand them, please recite them to me. We don't want any funny business, after all! Roleplay is to act out or perform the part of a person or character, in this context - in a fictional setting. Powergaming is the act of declaring ones own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character a chance. Metagaming is when an individual uses real-life knowledge of a character or lore and then having their own character know it - despite the IC character wouldn't be knowledgeable about it.

Now that we've gone over the rules of the vessel, are there any that stick out to you? Rule 13 sticks out to me because I feel it is important to always ask for clarification with items, as items as a way of not only creating rp interactions with other characters - but it also allows a character and person to gain meaningful development of gaining an item instead of just assuming they have one.

Out of curiosity, what is your ancestry? Humans. I like not only how diverse they can be in a fantasy setting, but also how diverse the lore for this server had made them with the different subtypes. I feel for humans in a fantasy, them being 'normal' is seen as a way to grow in a new environment.

What is it that interests you, friend? I like the lore surrounding around Memphis - The Mother in the White Pantheon. It interests me because of how in-depth the lore surrounding her being a harvest god along with her creeds and dogma.

Would you mind regaling me with a tale while we wait for the workers to take care of this form? While travelling overseas, a terrible storm breaks out, steering the ship you’re traveling on astray and splintering it against the rocky shore of a small island by the mainland. As you awaken, you find your only means of travel destroyed, and all that were accompanying you on your voyage deceased. What are your next moves, traveler?

Put in an answer as though you are roleplaying. Be sure to include emotes and dialogue if applicable! This section needs to be at least a paragraph in length. Be sure to answer questions like, "Who, what, when, where, why, and how?" You may want to reference the lore as well. As she woke from the crumbled sand beneath her, a groan rose from her core as she struggled to drag her face from the puddle below her. Around her - was calm, in comparison to the booming storm she can remember in pieces from last night. 'Where was she now? Where did everyone go?' She wandered as she looked to the empty beach around her. Perhaps a body would had been more comforting to see than the bare sandy shore around her, there was no evidence of a storm besides from her.


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Hey Traveler! Don't think we've forgotten about you, currently Inkwells whitelists are on pause. But don't worry! We're working on getting everything up and running so the server can be the best it can be for you! Please reply down below with your discord and we'll have one of our whitelist team contact you once your application is processed!

Thank you for your patience! -
Inkwell Staff