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So, adventurer, what is your name? the_squonk__

Do you have any travel companions you'd like to bring along, friend? None.

Hm, how old are you, friend? I, er, need it for the form here. 21

How did you find out about this voyage, anyhow? Told about it by a friend that has not joined to my knowledge, jackdc4.

Alright, we have some rules set about for the voyage ahead. To make sure you understand them, please recite them to me. We don't want any funny business, after all! Roleplay is the activity of acting out the livelihood, interactions, and so on of a fictitious character within a fictitious environment.

Powergaming is the act of removing the agency of others from a roleplay, primarily used to force your way into winning combat encounters by removing the agency of counterplay and so on from your opponents, player character or non-player character alike.

Metagaming is the use of information acquired OOC, within an IC parameter. Knowing where someone is being murdered OOC, then going there IC to prevent it, is metagaming, as an example.

Now that we've gone over the rules of the vessel, are there any that stick out to you? Rule 12.2: Attempting to use combat as a way to strong-arm others’ characters into doing what you (or your group) wish to achieve.
This is colloquially known as “ganking.”

This is purely my understanding, however.
My understanding of ganking is to be the gathering of multiple player characters to premeditatedly steamroll a target character in a combat encounter with the intent of killing the target. Hence the old phrase, "gank squad." Whether ganking violates rules against metagaming tends to fall on case-by-case bases but in my experience gank squads tend to have a reputation of being based in metagaming.

Using the threat of violence (or combat) to strong-arm a character into compliance (doing what you or your group want) is more in line with coercion, extortion, or other things. While I would call these things in OOC a violation of etiquette and so on, the IC attempt of a character to use threats, coercion, etc., to get what they want is an IC matter.

Out of curiosity, what is your ancestry? A particular detail that caught my eye was the arterial presence in Elves' ears on this server. I've seen Elves ubiquitously in my history on mineman pretend. Never have I seen the ears of an Elves be an outright weakness to them. Noise sensitivity I've certainly seen, but never the presence of an artery for body temperature regulation, like elephants regulating body temperature with their own ears in real life.

What is it that interests you, friend? The, based on my not-entirely-comprehensive reading thus far, fleshed out bestiary. I'm very fond of hunting / monster hunting RP.

Would you mind regaling me with a tale while we wait for the workers to take care of this form? You enter a tavern where you see a large Tang-Nijoni man arm-wrestling a large raven haired human female. You hear the cries of two Smallfolke barking out to the crowd '10 glimmers to challenge the Tang-Nijoni...100 glimmers if you win.' Choose your actions carefully, traveler…

Put in an answer as though you are roleplaying. Be sure to include emotes and dialogue if applicable! This section needs to be at least a paragraph in length. Be sure to answer questions like, "Who, what, when, where, why, and how?" You may want to reference the lore as well. Unfamiliar with the 'Tang-Nijoni,' but irregardless impressing upon the presence and appearance of the Oni, the hairy Highlander assessed his meager coin purse. He did have the 10 to part with. So he approached, reasonably confident in his own physical strength; and open to both the challenge, and the potential of loss. Emerging at the front of the crowd, Silfr bade his word evenly to the apparent Smallfolke hosts, "Allow me."


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Congratulations! Your request for passage to start your new adventure within the world of Beltrass has been cordially accepted!

A few things to remember before you start your voyage to the lands of Beltrass are as followed:

If you’re a new adventurer you may find solace in reviewing the new roleplaying and new player guides which you can find here {Roleplay Etiquette}{New Player Guide}!

Make sure to tell the captain of your vessel that you’re heading to so you arrive punctually without any unexpected detours!

That’s all adventurer! I hope to see you soon on the sands of Beltrass!​

Just to Clarify a bit on the response to the rules section: Threats of violence can exist in character, but we try and keep an eye also in the OOC impact of such threats, as sometimes something that a character would do forces people to do things that the victims are OOCly uncomfortable with, or many other things along those lines. We don't disallow any sort of IC interaction of that nature, obviously, we just ask people to try and make sure that people are comfortable in this server and prefer to keep a good eye on such conflicts, as to make sure people are not getting forced to consistently do things they don't want. We're all here to have fun, after all!