[Somnic Craftsmanship] PatchworkArtist's Custom Item Application for Somnic Steel


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Which account do you want to receive this item? PatchworkArtist

What is this application for? Somnic Craftsmanship

What is the basis for this item? Turning Iron into Somnic Steel using charcoal and dreamdraught to infuse the carbon with source. This was done in the dreamtear above Ardelle.

Name of Character Creating Item Cordelia

Name of Item Character is Creating Somnic Steel

Number of Items Being Applied For Depends on price. Max of 5.

Rarity of Item Being Created Unique

Materials Used in Creation of Item iron, charcoal, dreamdraught

Flavor Description of Item An ingot of steel with a purple sheen to it. Dreamcatchers in the shape of snowflakes float around the ingot.

Function Description of Item When used as for weapons, this metal grants a bonus to damage dealt against dream anomalies and nightmares. When used for armor, this metal grants DR against

Crafting RP Cordelia flies into the Dreamtear above Ardelle with Oliver, Veil, and Gilligan. As the rest of her part investigates the tear, Cordelia starts a fire underneath her crucible. She places her iron ore into the crucible and adds Dreamdraught and charcoal to the fire. She waits for the iron to melt and turn to steel before pouring the molten metal into an ingot cast.