Important Roleplay Etiquette

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Roleplay Etiquette


  1. IC: In Character, this is used when referring to something happening within the context of the story or when you’re playing actively as your character.
  2. OOC: Out Of Character, this is the term used when you’re no longer playing within the story and your actions taken are not affecting the environment of the world. You’re no longer playing actively as your character.
  3. Metagaming: Metagaming is a term used in roleplaying games, which describes a player's use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character's actions when said character has no relevant expertise or awareness under the circumstances.
  4. Powergaming: Powergaming is the act of using an in-game mechanic, any external information, or a roleplay concept to favour their character or story and give them an unfair or unrealistic advantage.
  5. Mary-Sueism: Characters with Mary Sue traits tend to lack vulnerability to the world around them and lack human flaws to the point that they live a perfect life despite whatever challenges they face, or they have horrible painful pasts that are used to attract other characters.
  6. Void: When something is struck from the official story. This is usually done when it is ruled by a DM or both participants in a roleplay scenario have deemed an action to be unnecessary.
  7. IRP: IRP means “In Roleplay” and has the same meaning as “IC”.
  8. Emote: The manner in which you roleplay on server, where you make your character’s Dialogue and Actions clear. Think of it as a speech bubble.
  9. AFK: AFK refers to going “Away From Keyboard” and refers to people who are no longer actively playing and writing, however, this is different from OOC, as the person is not present.
  10. FRP/Fail RP: Fail Roleplay occurs when the roleplay that is occurring typically breaks either the setting, aesthetic, tone, or a character acting in a manner that wouldn’t fit the character.

General Rules & Guidelines of Roleplay

The golden rule of roleplay is to make sure that your responses are easily distinguishable between your Action and Dialogue. Some examples of emotes are as follows:
  • *Action* “Dialogue
    • *Archie would look to his left, then his right suspiciously.* “Hmm… I wonder...” *He murmured to himself.*
  • Action Dialogue
    • Archie would look to his left, then his right suspiciously, Hmm… I wonder,” He murmured to himself.
  • These are just suggestions of making your emotes clear, we are not strict on the format as long as players can distinguish between what your character is ‘doing’ and what they are ‘saying’.

Sometimes your character might also wish to ‘think’ things in their emote, this is displayed as follows:
  • {Thought}
    • *Benedict would bend down to inspect a paw print in the mud thinking, {The Wolf is closeby, I should remain silent}*
  • [Thought]
    • *Benedict would bend down to inspect a paw print in the mud thinking, [The Wolf is closeby, I should remain silent]*

  • Try and keep emotes open-ended, ask questions or allow for other characters to respond to your character’s actions. Try to roleplay with the general formula of “Yes, and?” in mind or “No, but…”, thus leaving the opportunity for others to reply with their own opinions and thoughts.
  • Be descriptive! Think about how your character is moving, what they are doing and how, the way they sound, what are their surroundings are, etc. Is there an argument going on nearby that your character’s ears are picking up? Or perhaps there’s a smell on the docks they’re standing on causing them to crinkle their nose? Express the character’s thoughts and tell an interesting story for all to follow.
  • Quality and Grammar are important aspects of roleplay, but we know everyone’s not perfect, so faults and mistakes are made. We won’t crucify you just because you made a mistake. Hell! The Veterans still make beginner mistakes, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

The Do’s of Roleplay

  1. DO: Be encouraging to newer roleplayers! Not everyone is going to be amazing at roleplay and we encourage veteran roleplayers to help out the newcomers. Inkwell Realms prides itself on its community and we seek to harbor an environment in which facilitates that.
  2. DO: Communicate with the Lore and Event Teams about your character and ideas. We are people behind the screens and therefore we understand that staff members can be very intimidating. However, we swear, as staff members, that the treatment of our players will be equal and just. We care about what you have to say. Lore and Event are open to discussion about matters involving character development, goal, how they fit into the world, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask us at any time.
  3. DO: Ask for roleplay in global channels, such as the server or discord, whenever you’re online! Unfortunately, no one in the real world possesses the ability to read minds, so put it out there that you want to interact with others.
  4. DO: Ask questions in character. If your character is curious about certain things, the best way to find out is by asking others.
  5. DO: Set the scene. If you feel like your roleplay is slowing down, more often than not a scenery change or even a circumstance change can spark RP.
  6. DO: Communicate with those you are roleplaying with! roleplay is a collaborative writing experience (with emphasis on 'collaborative') no one wants to feel like they are RPing with a brick wall. This also comes down to informing those you are roleplaying with if you are going to go AFK.
  7. DO: Plan out Player Events, we strongly suggest as staff to create Player Events and spark interaction between characters, this can be anything from hosting a house party, buying a round of drinks, organizing a sermon, etc.
  8. DO: Wait your turn. Some basic things to remember when in roleplay is that people have different typing speeds, this means that you may be slower or faster at typing than the people you’re roleplaying with. Please be mindful about this when in a roleplaying environment, taking turns to emote and waiting for others to respond before taking IC movements and dialogue is key for good roleplay.

The Don'ts of Roleplay

  1. DON’T: Push away newcomers from roleplay opportunities or create cliques that exclude others from roleplay. We at Inkwell Realms care about players and our community. As such we encourage our community to be understanding to all those who are new to roleplay.
  2. DON’T: Take away another’s character’s agency without the other player’s explicit consent.
  3. DON’T: Go AFK to avoid roleplaying, communicate with those you are RPing with or tell people you aren’t interested currently. This also includes trying to avoid RP opportunities or finding excuses to not be around, as you can’t roleplay with someone who isn’t there.
  4. DON’T: Try and take away cool moments from other characters. Everyone should have their chances to succeed, and just because it isn’t your character's direct time to shine doesn’t mean you should drag down others.
  5. DON’T: Assume items that currently exist in the CIT system. Items such as alcohol, weaponry, armor, and food are items that allow players to earn money. Assuming these items take away the utility of these characters.
  6. DON’T: Play an evil or antagonistic character for the sole purpose of inconveniencing other players. As well as one must be mindful of how they play said characters, such as allowing people to peacefully escape the roleplay.
  7. DON’T: While the topics of racism and religious differences fall within the server’s topics, we ask you to be mindful of escalation. It is fine to have a character that dislikes certain faiths and races, but if it reaches the point where it is downright detrimental to other roleplayers that is an issue.
  8. DON’T: Assume abilities and powers that haven’t been approved and be aware that anything is subject to change if issues arise, we ask our roleplayers to be flexible and accepting of the staff team’s rulings.
  9. DON’T: Mix up IC and OOC personalities. OOC and IC personalities are two different things, make sure not to mix up your emotions towards a player because of their character actions as they may be completely different OOCly.


"Be aware that all of the rules contained within this document, on the Forums, and anywhere else regarding Inkwell Realms are subject to change as we see fit due to problems arising, and we might notice that rules may be required for a situation. Thus, these changes will only be made to benefit Inkwell Realms and its Community, therefore increasing the quality of gameplay and overall experience in a positive manner.
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