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Progression and Personal Event System​

What is Progression?: Progression is considered to be anything that happens to further a character and shapes them, by either seeing and obtaining higher powers, such as magic, or otherwise developing the character’s personality, story and motif throughout their lifespan within the server. In short, character progression is how a character changes(or evolves) throughout the story of the server. Character progression is usually categorized under the following:
  • Character Goals - The progression advances a character’s personal goals.​
  • Character Capabilities - The character gains a new skill, tool, or ability of some kind to their repertoire.​
  • Character Development - Your character’s personality or outlook changes in some way.​
  • Story Progression - A greater narrative is progressed in some way.​

Event/GM Requests: Part of progression on Inkwell Realms involves requesting events via tickets on the Discord, either for progression or miscellaneous events. These can range from NPC interactions, hunts, gathering expeditions, etc. (They can be anything that can realistically happen in roleplay.) Larger events, such as gathering trips, will require 2 other players.

Players may only request (or be part of) up to 2 event requests at a time. Public and signup-based events do not count towards this limit and are handled separately.

  • After being part of 2 event requests in a given week, you will be placed on a one-week cooldown and must wait before continuing to participate in such. If you request more than 4-8 events in a given month, you will be put on a one-month cooldown. (You may still be part of another’s ticket during this timeframe.)

    This cooldown also applies if you, as the requester, miss 2 event appointments in a given month or 3 in 2 months without a good reason.​
  • If your event ticket or a ticket you’ve been a part of has been closed, you must wait 24 hours before opening a new one.​
  • On our Discord, we also have “Storylines” and “Job Boards” which you can sign up for via reactions. Job boards are “one shot” style events while storylines are more long-term. For more information, there are specific channels that outline them.​

Passive Progression: On Inkwell Realms, we allow players to progress either by requesting events from Progression or by making achievements on their own. This can be training, honing one’s crafting skill via longer-than-average crafting roleplays, event participation, investigations, performing research, etc. Passive progression cannot be achieved by activity alone.

Progression Threads: Active characters are tracked via progression threads, which can be made here. These threads are where you explain what kinds of progression you'd like for your character along with anything you'd like to opt-out of. Any passive progression, such as screenshots, crafts, and so on, should also be posted there periodically. These threads are required if you want power progression.

In these progression threads, the player in question can upload screenshots of relevant rp situations or scenarios that they have done, such as holding sermons for a god, in which they show some sort of progression towards a goal, or towards improving something about themselves or the world around them.

Earning progression on your own: On Inkwell Realms, we emphasize players progressing on their own over frequent events, particularly when such actions generate roleplay. Generally speaking, the more narratively substantive your roleplay is, and the more RP it generates, the more that action will be “worth.” (For example, a solo training RP might act as only a small step with diminishing returns, but that RP action that generated a whole event might speed up your progression quite a bit.)
  • Examples:​
    • Training Martial arts in a fighter’s guild or a dojo to hone a character’s technique.​
    • Holding a Sermon to a god that your character prays to.​
    • Attempting (bonus points if the character struggles or fails at) to advance their alchemy or artifice.​
    • Holding Classes to Teach other characters about something the character’s good at.​
    • These are only some of many other possibilities. The main bottom line is that whatever the character does must be a relevant action that holds some sort of weight or meaning to the character’s story and progression, and that displays some degree of effort on the player’s part.​

Pacing Oneself: We like to reward players more heavily when they establish narrative pacing, working themselves from humble beginnings as they work towards their goals.
  • Examples:​
    • An inventor might start by working with existing technology, then making their first prototypes, and going on model by model until they perfect their technology.​
    • A blacksmith might start by making basic weapons, possibly with small enchantments, before moving on to more complex/powerful/higher quality items. Over time, they could work with all sorts of smithing types as they master their craft.​
    • A chef might start by making simpler recipes, before moving on to more complex/grandiose recipes over time. Eventually, they could work their way into making beautiful dishes that people flock to try.​
    • These are just a few examples, but each starts by learning the basics, before going into ideas of your own, perfecting those ideas slowly, and eventually mastery. Don’t try to be “the best'' but, rather focus on the journey over the destination. This applies to the economy (such as if you need to incur a debt at first) or any other profession that isn’t necessarily a craft, like a warrior. Don’t focus on where you are now or a few weeks from now, think about how your actions impact your RP months from now, and where you’ll be later.​

Motes: Motes are a very minor boon, often comparable in power to an uncommon magic item, which is granted by mortals by higher beings. These powers are often very limited and simply serve as a taste of power, and minor guidance into their future advances, but are limited to one per character. These are obtained through interacting with certain gatherings of power around the world…

Traits: These are earned powers that can be obtained as a side thing to a character’s main progression. They usually are limited in power and bring in both unique strengths and weaknesses to the character. Earning a trait usually varies in time and difficulty based on the trait, and the conditions upon which it is obtained. A character can have up to 2 Traits.

Boons (often referred to as “Tiers”): Boons are the main power systems of the server, which are obtained through one or several actions which justify the earning of said Boon. Each boon or “Tier” grants the player 2 “Feats” and 1 “Path ability”. “Feats” are a way in which the Mechanics Team divides the Power Budget of your boon, which are an ability, or sometimes a subset of smaller abilities, or an increase in stats.

Generally speaking, Boons take about 1 month to be earned for the first two, after which it takes roughly 1 and a half months to earn the third one and 2 months for the fourth onwards. These Boons are earned through deeds that showcase dedication and potential to higher beings, or otherwise through the bolstering of one’s personality, or through acts of consistent training. One may earn a boon through showcasing a devotion to their deity, striking a deal with a spirit, or making a major personal achievement, among many other ways.

Note: When earning abilities, you're expected to make a mechanics ticket to discuss your current tier. After discussion, we log it on a big spreadsheet. You are responsible for logging your own abilities.

Major Goals: A big part of progression here is your non-standardized, goal-based progression. This can range from doing something significant enough to warrant your item having legendary status, building a big business, coming up with unique ways to use magic without necessarily making items, etc. The length of such progression varies based on what you’re trying to do.

Assuming you’ve met these criteria, this is the rough rate one can expect an active character to progress:

After the time frames specified in this chart have passed, players have the right to request a review via a progression ticket on our Discord.


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