Ocular Monochroma

OOC Note: Oculus Monochroma can both be backstoried and earned in character.


Artworks by Chris Cold (left), sidneysora (middle), Kevin Jick(right)

Ocular Monochroma
Hidden Treasures

Ocular Monochroma is a magical condition in which a mortalkin experiences a specific form of color blindness in which they are unable to perceive color. The world to them is only displayed in shades of white, black and grey. These individuals can only view color when viewing an object, place, or person that is strongly influenced by the fey such as elves, smallfolk and pacted.

Ocular Monochroma only occurs when mischievous fey choose to provide an individual with a unique form of challenge. While the rules for completing the challenge vary from fey to fey, they alway require the mortalkin afflicted with Ocular Monochroma to enter the Feywilds with a series of items that are influenced by the fey courts. These objects are selected at ET discretion. Upon arriving at the Feywild, they are to perform a ritual to cleanse themselves of their affliction.



Untouched Body: Those afflicted with Ocular Monochroma keep their original traits and stats.

Seelie Stare: The world of color is lost to those who gain the fey’s interest or ire.
  • The afflicted are able to see colored outlines around fey related objects. These colorful outlines vary in color depending on the court of fey or the fey's personality should it be more powerful.
  • Objects appear with a pink or green outline when it has ties to the Vernal Court
  • Objects appear with a yellow or shimmering gold outline when it has ties to the Dawn Court
  • Objects appear with a red, orange, or brown outline when it has ties to the Dusk Court
  • Objects appear with a blue, light purple, or shimmering silver outline for the Gloaming Court.


Light of the Fey: The afflicted lose their ability to perceive color.
  • Afflicted can only view their world in tones of grey, black, and white. This loss of color also makes the afflicted sensitive to all forms of light, finding that the intensity hurts their sensitive eyes.
  • When in darkness or intense light, Afflicted receive a -2 to sight-based perception checks due to the amount of similar tones surrounding them.
  • When Afflicted are hit with a sudden flash of light, they receive a -1 to attack rolls and a -1 to perception checks for 2 rounds. This does not stack.
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