MooWood's Research Application (Researchers: Natanya Atri, Subject: Teric)


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Which character(s) are performing this research? Natanya Atri

What is the subject of the research? Teric

What type of research is it? Language

What mechanics are you requesting, if any? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

Research RP Though long nights saw Natanya pouring over the books on Artificing and Teric on her own and making her own notes for reference in the future, it was not until Storm dropped in that she took the idea of learning the language seriously. A lost wager on his part later, the woman had a smug, frustrating-to-the-'enth-degree tutor. Many nights to follow take a similar route, with Natanya finding herself chewing through dusty old tomes and the occasional snarky quip to or from her friend as she tries to wrap her head around this wacky language. Eventually things start to fall into place. It helps to think of it as less of a language and more decorative symbols, representations, etc. Reviewing Teric from the mindset of a woodworker trying to learn the design starts to make her life easier as the days slip by, with interruptions here and there spent at the tavern or occupied with other business.

At several points along the way, something clicks and Natanya is able to get her head around the next concept, moving slowly through the chapters. In her off time she practices making the symbols themselves, engraving un-chained Teric runes idly onto scraps of wood or into the statues she whittles when business is slow at the tavern. No charging with essentia, just repetition until the runes come to her more easily. It will take time, but she has plenty of that.