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So, adventurer, what is your name? KGB22

Do you have any travel companions you'd like to bring along, friend? DwarvenDaddy, Neighte, Ghiojo

Hm, how old are you, friend? I, er, need it for the form here. 18

How did you find out about this voyage, anyhow? My alts

Alright, we have some rules set about for the voyage ahead. To make sure you understand them, please recite them to me. We don't want any funny business, after all! Roleplay is taking on the personality and traits of a character typically one you created (an OC) and playing them. Playing pretend but less childish because we gave it a semi better name you know? Power gaming is forcing actions upon another person, IE *stabs you in the throat* instead of *attempts to stab you in the throat* the first the outcome is trying to be preordained and doesnt allow the target a actual chance to respond. Meta gaming is using information found outside the RP space and while not in character typically for ones own personal advantage. This also includes using info you have on one character on another that wouldn't have known that.

Now that we've gone over the rules of the vessel, are there any that stick out to you? Oddly enough the rule about clear RP is the only one that jumped out to me because I don't see it often. Its basically an RP standard as are most of the guidelines and rules, it oddly refreshing for reasons I cant explain to see those things written down.

Out of curiosity, what is your ancestry? Ursine Fey/Smallfolke, as they are the closest thing on this server to proper dwarves and I have a slight addiction

What is it that interests you, friend? The depth of the world building, it is nice to see solar systems and astronomy and astrology tied into the lore and world itself.

Would you mind regaling me with a tale while we wait for the workers to take care of this form? A farming community is going through a drought. They want to irrigate some water from a stream/lake running from the nearby forest. This would likely upset a lot of the forest and perhaps some beings that live in it, especially the spirits who protect the forest. You have been hired to assist in the matter, what would you advise?

Put in an answer as though you are roleplaying. Be sure to include emotes and dialogue if applicable! This section needs to be at least a paragraph in length. Be sure to answer questions like, "Who, what, when, where, why, and how?" You may want to reference the lore as well. The child of frost awoke from its slumber; the area around him iced over and his blankets freezing to the touch. All torches in the room lit the night before had been drained of their warmth and light to sustain the Ursine. As he slowly stretched in all directions and wiped the sleep from his eyes the first glint of day streaked into his abode. Today was the day he promised to go down to the river and mediate between forest and man, considered more animal than mortal by some of the townsfolk he was considered their best bet. Insulting as he found this he was won over by the promise of a few good hides and prime cuts from the tanners and butchers should it go well.

With a yawn and final stretch the fey bulldozed into his door, more knocking it open than opening it as he stepped into what would be a chill morning for most people, his breathe clearly visible in the air. "Never gets old" he sighed happily a smile creeping on his face as he took in the glint of the suns off the morning dew of the grass and the sound of farm animals off in the distance and pling of metal on metal as the smith had started his work. The comforting sounds of a small town.

With a final stretch of his arms up above his head he turned to face the suns, placing his left hand to cover his eyes as he tried to remember which direction the river was in. With a groggy shake of his head he made an educated guess and made his way to the river side smiling to passersby and offering a frozen rose to a young human child picking flowers with a wink before continuing on his way. He liked gifting the villagers these things, every child probably had some trinket of ice at this point, a horse or flower, a marble or ball and a shield in the case of a young lad with aspirations of knighthood. He lived just on the border, in a hill he had carved himself ages ago, a comfortable hole in the ground lined and sealed with ice, wood, furs, and stone.

The Ursine continued along making his way off the path and into the shaded forests, the temp dropping slightly in the shade of the trees as his fine ears picked up the sound of moving water. Having located his target he smiled and made his way towards the sound. Approaching the river bed the Ursine ran a hand through his heavy beard taking in the rivers flow and size before deciding to follow it up river.

As he walked the sunlight began to properly filter through the canopy's leaves and warmth began to resettle in his seemingly perpetually cold bones. Not that he ever noticed, just those who came into contact with him said he felt as if he'd been outside in the snow a comforting sort of cold in his furs. The river began to widen the further he walked until without warning the treeline broke and he found himself stumbling forward facefirst into a small shoreline.. "FUCK" he roared not catching himself in time as his shoulder took the brunt of the impact, a pain that would most certainty ache when he woke tomorrow and perhaps even bruise his pale skin. Shaking himself awake he looked onward, it wasn't a massive lake.. but it was large, the river further down if diverted would cause issues within the forest... but if taken from the source and properly dammed.. His tongue poked out of his mouth as he lost himself in thought, seeing the canal's and locks built in his mind, perhaps every half mile or mile? It would be work but water is need- "Darian" the Ursine seemed to jump 3 feet in the air as he was named. Startled Darian turned around finding himself facing what appeared to be a short humanoid not unlike himself- if you ignored the bark skin and leaves for hair.. a Nymph perhaps? His people were always thought to be from the Fey.. "Darian" The fey broke his thought process again causing him to snap back to reality, realizing he'd been slack jawed since the encounter he quickly closed his mouth and cleared his throat awkwardly. "Uh.. Didn't hear ye movin here? Why'd ye know me name?"

The fey chuckled, a sound like trees swaying in the breeze "Worry not about that.. you're their choice of emissary?"

Their choice..? He blinked "Oh- suppose I am.. It would be some work but they could just take from the source.. with some trenches and gates the water could be taken in a controlled manner that wouldn't cause to much disturbance.."

"Hmm.. what of the roots and undercritters?" the fey asked cocking their head to the side

"What of the droppings and scraps left by them that feeds the creature that supplement your life?" the Ursine replied quickly

"Hmm.. a fair statement.. I confer."

The ursine grinned "I shall let them know?"

"You shall let them know."


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Hey Traveler! Don't think we've forgotten about you, currently Inkwells whitelists are on pause. But don't worry! We're working on getting everything up and running so the server can be the best it can be for you! Please reply down below with your discord and we'll have one of our whitelist team contact you once your application is processed!

Thank you for your patience! -
Inkwell Staff