[Item (No Mechanics)] Koshkak42's Custom Item Application for The Belt of Many Throwables [M1]


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Which account do you want to receive this item? Koshkak42

What is this application for? Item (No Mechanics)

Name of Character Creating Item Gabriel de Barrasa

Name of Item Character is Creating The Belt of Many Throwables [M1]

Number of Items Being Applied For x1

Rarity of Item Being Created Common

Materials Used in Creation of Item Leather. Steel. Brass.

Flavor Description of Item A beelt to fasten across the waste of Amara. Carrying a fixation of protectiles ot throw; it is largely usless as a blt intself as it is heavil weighted down by needless holsters carrying, at the most, 8 Kunai Daggers and then an extra 16 darts with balanced feathered ends. The belt fastened around the waist of the wearer and was secured well with a simpl buckle and then a locking bolt, but also featured a cross-chest sash holding a fully capable holster for a regular dagger should thw owner hold on on their form. In addition the belting holds 3 pouches in the read of the waistline belting for holding additional items up to 10lbs per pouch, and the set of daggers would be fitted to Amara's handsize. The belt has some internal functions beheld to the producer of the belt that remain hidden.

Function Description of Item Dart | 3 Piercing
Thrown(12 meters), Finesse, Light, Special: One can have up to 2 darts in their hand at the same time, when performing an attack with them, both are fired with the same roll and can be targetted individually.

Dagger | 5 Piercing
Light, Finesse, Thrown (14m)

Additional: Daggers/Darts fitted to Lion's Head Artisanry's custom design.

Crafting RP Gabriel got his first weird request by a horned Teenager calling him an idiot. The child, or teenager, would get their belt but at his expense.

He'd work a belt out to house the measurements allowed to him by Amara so the belt would be form-fitting and easy to wear. A simple leather belt with some holsters on, darts added for the hplsters along the other waistse as he sewed the means on and then added the buckle, shoulder strap and chest sash. Simple and effective. It was a simple leather belting with some extra pieces.

Next was the darts, which weren't very hard to make as they had a simple end. A needle-like pound was machined in and then a core added that the nedle screwed into with a smoothed feather end to adjust in flight, but the best was the Kunai daggers. Fitted to Amar's fingers for theeir weighted ends. A simple dagger for throwing, yet Gabrile prefered more slender daggers for throwing. Anyways he finished the daggrs and hardened them in a quenching of oils to harden them up to a sharp point. And thus the belt and daggers were done.