[Item (No Mechanics)] Koshkak42's Custom Item Application for Rancher's Long Rifle - M2


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Which account do you want to receive this item? Koshkak42

What is this application for? Item (No Mechanics)

Name of Character Creating Item Gabriel de Barrasa

Name of Item Character is Creating Rancher's Long Rifle - M2

Number of Items Being Applied For x5

Rarity of Item Being Created Uncommon

Materials Used in Creation of Item Steel. Wood. Brass.

Flavor Description of Item A lengthy rifle outfitted with the bare essentials one needs for a functioning rifle. Based with a simple Snaplock mechanism mounted onto the right-panneling of the rear before lining through to the extensive barrel; the panneling is mounted on then pieced with a fine steel for the firing cock, frizzen, and pan. Based upon a fully underbelly and stock plated with brass fittings to protect the butt-end of the rifle, a smooth and curling guard over the trigger, and bindings to house the ramrod. The sights are based with a simple ring-sight on the back of the chamber that aligns perfectly with a raised trident-sight over the rim of the barrel. Along the panel housing the firing mechanism is the maker's mark of, "G.B." on this rifle that sports an impressive total length of 70 inches.

Function Description of Item Snaplock Musket | 15 Piercing
Ammunition (24 meters), Two-handed, Loading, +2, Misfire 1

Crafting RP With a large order from the bank: Gabriel got to work. He's start with the rifles. Four of his "Racnher's Rifles" with maybe some improvements from the Mark-One. A new forward sight to help with accuracy through the sights. But alas it was a musket and so he began to forge.

At first he started as always with the stock. An impressive stock to house the lenghty barrel as he chiseled and fitted for the steel. It was simple to carve this out by this point to house the firing mechanism, plating, springs, trigger-springplate, and so on as he'd then just give the wood a bit of a snading down and polish to help it along and feel smooth.

From there was to machine and cast the steel for the parts. The mechanism was easy as he could make the parts for a snaplock rifle in hours, but the barrel needed a custom mold as it t hen was casted within the LHA (Lion's Head Artisanry) own furnaces and tempered to the perfect need and then bored to the needed caliber of the rifle. As he sat the rear of the chamber and barrel down, he attatched them with some screwed he had to bore in and then welded together the base of the plating before assembling it all together and securing it.

All that was left was the brass fittings for the ramrod, platings over the trigger and buttstock, and then to settle it all. With that he greased over the steel with lard to preserve it from the coastal air, and waxed the wood to preserve it better from wear and tear. It was overall just preserved as he'd pack each rifle after manufacturing it in a box in a cool dry cellar before it was settled into a box of 5 and sent off in time.