[Item (No Mechanics)] Caltian's Custom Item Application for Steel Dagger



Which account do you want to receive this item? Caltian

What is this application for? Item (No Mechanics)

Name of Character Creating Item Sathanas Cynderfall

Name of Item Character is Creating Steel Dagger

Number of Items Being Applied For 8

Rarity of Item Being Created Common

Materials Used in Creation of Item Steel, Oak

Flavor Description of Item A basic steel dagger

Function Description of Item Dagger | 5 Piercing
Light, Finesse, Thrown (14m)

Crafting RP This time attempting to go from memory, Sathanas would heat up his forge using his flames and would prepare, 4 medium sized steel ingots and 8 nuggets of steel that he bought and a larger log of oak wood.

He'd start working on a steel dagger this time around to try and go for a smaller design to cover all bases in his learning in terms to size.

Sathanas would begin by heating up 1 ingot at a time in his forge, figuring out from last time that doing all at once wasn't very effective.

Once the ingot was sufficiently heated Sathanas would split it into two, and slowly hammers each ingot into a small blade shape with a tang on the bottom.

Once it was in a sufficient shape for a blade + tang he'd douse it in water, once again making sure to not let any of the water touch him.

Leaving the blade base to cool, Sathanas would begin work on a small handle as he splits the wood he bought into 8 smaller pieces, into fours from the top, then split each quarter in the middle, length ways to make small pieces of wood, suitable for dagger handles.

He'd then take a piece of wood and would begin carving it down until it was able to fit neatly into his hand, and before he puts it on the blade he'd singe the excess wood on the outside of the handle, removing risk of splinters.

Afterwards Sathanas would leave the handle on his railing before grabbing a small nugget of steel he had bought and heated it up in the forge to a point where he himself was able to mould the metal in his hand into a small dome shape, suitable to be a basic pommel.

Nearly forgetting the handguard, Sathanas takes the excess from the steel ingots used to forge 8 small bars with holes in the centre to be the handguards.

Once he had done all of this, Sathanas would then slide the handguard onto the tang, hammers the handle onto the tangle and also hammers the pommel onto the end, forming a tight seal with all of it.

He would then begin sharpening the blades on his grindstone, making sure to keep it wet.

Once the blade is sharp, Sathanas gently singes his initials into the handle "S.C.R" standing for Sathanas Cynder-Rose

After this is all done, Sathanas leaves the finished products on the railing.