Hærfest Docga (Unknown)


Artwork by KM Steere/keylimepie

H æ r f e s t D o c g a
Legendary | Fey Beast

Also known as the Hesperus Hounds, Hærfest Docga are rare creatures and favored pets of Queen Mabon, the Archfey of the Dusk Court. These fluffy canines take the appearance of hunting or herding dog breeds with 1 to 4 pairs of gossamer wings on their backs or replacing their ears. These wings vary wildly in color and shape, often taking the appearance of insect wings, but on rare occasions, these wings will be similar to those of birds.

TEMPERAMENT: Hærfest Docga imprint on the first person they see and will remain intensely loyal to their masters, making them very easy to train. Hærfest Docga are often used as both guard dogs, herding dogs, or hunting dogs due their use of magic and incredibly high speeds.

REGION (Unknown): Where Hærfest Docga come from is entirely unknown though many speculate that they come from the Feywild.

  • Canine Catalyst
    • When the wings of the Hærfest Docga are ground up and put into a potion, they serve as a very powerful alchemical catalyst.
  • Magical Maw
    • A damage from the Hærfest Docga’s teeth and claws deal 10+CON mana damage.
  • Sparkling Speed
    • While retaining the properties and stats of a Medium creature, the Hærfest Docga has a base speed of 18. They also have the ability to hover 1 meter above the ground.
  • Dazzling Dart
    • The Hærfest Docga has the ability to fire a bolt of magical energy at a target at a range of 10 meters. This magical bolt deals 7+CON mana damage and has the point-blank property.
  • Gossamer Glory
    • The wings of the Hærfest Docga are directly linked to their magical abilities. When removed, the Hærfest Docga will lose its magical properties and become a mundane dog. However, these wings are highly valuable due to their ability to provide protection against powerful magical attacks.
  • Magical Resilience
    • The Hærfest Docga is incredibly resilient to magical effects. It has advantage on magical effects and receives 4 Mana DR.