FireWilley's Whitelist Application


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So, adventurer, what is your name? FireWilley

Do you have any travel companions you'd like to bring along, friend? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

Hm, how old are you, friend? I, er, need it for the form here. 40

How did you find out about this voyage, anyhow? Minecraft List

Alright, we have some rules set about for the voyage ahead. To make sure you understand them, please recite them to me. We don't want any funny business, after all! Roleplay is basically pretending, acting and lots of improv. Metagaming is like knowing something your not supposed to know (IE: if you are watching someone livestream and you go into another livestream and tell the streamer what the other streamer is doing) And powergaming is when you use in game mechanics to further along your character in a way that is unfair.

Now that we've gone over the rules of the vessel, are there any that stick out to you? I like the Confidentiality rule (Please do not collect private information on fellow players in any context, as personal information is the individual’s property.) I am a private person and this really pertains to me.

Out of curiosity, what is your ancestry? I like the old European style, not quite Medieval, but close, more like a troll that hides in the woods, but not a mean troll, a nice troll who's just trying to make a living.

What is it that interests you, friend? The ability to be whoever I want.

Would you mind regaling me with a tale while we wait for the workers to take care of this form? While travelling overseas, a terrible storm breaks out, steering the ship you’re traveling on astray and splintering it against the rocky shore of a small island by the mainland. As you awaken, you find your only means of travel destroyed, and all that were accompanying you on your voyage deceased. What are your next moves, traveler?

Put in an answer as though you are roleplaying. Be sure to include emotes and dialogue if applicable! This section needs to be at least a paragraph in length. Be sure to answer questions like, "Who, what, when, where, why, and how?" You may want to reference the lore as well. Looking along the beach I find wooden planks, they looks as though they were apart of the ship I was on. Scared, I start looking around, hoping to see someone, some glimmer of hope that i'm not alone. Looking down the beach I can see cliffs so tall that the top is covered by clouds. With the cliff I can make out a cave, with a light glow flowing out of it. Could this be a survivor? Perhaps some island inhabitant? Do I dare wander in that direction? What if inside the cave is a dark force I am not prepared for. Would it be best to wait? Perhaps scout the entrance for signs of life, before risking my life to enter and possible parish? I think i'll wait, taking the safer route on a strange island may be the best decision. But while I wait, I shale continue my search along the beach, hoping to find food or drinkable water.


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Hey Traveler! Don't think we've forgotten about you, currently Inkwells whitelists are on pause. But don't worry! We're working on getting everything up and running so the server can be the best it can be for you! Please reply down below with your discord and we'll have one of our whitelist team contact you once your application is processed!

Thank you for your patience! -
Inkwell Staff