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[!] A note torn from an aged journal has been made-do with for a posting in Ardelle. The handwriting was simplistic and done with charcoal. It may go missed by those inattentive. [!]

"Seeking bladesmith.
Also seeking jeweler.
And tailor.
My budget is modest, but I will pay.

I require a blade.
Details can be discussed in person. Depending on price, multiple may be paid for.
Any competent smith may seek to talk.

For the jeweler. An amulet.
Details can be discussed in person.
Any competent jeweler may seek to talk.

For the tailor.
Arming clothes.
Any competent tailor may seek to talk.

- Silfr"


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[!] A letter written in fancy cursive would be found underneath this note.

"I am, Cordelia of the Frostfire Forge.
I would be more than willing to work with you on your weapons.
For jewelry, might I suggest one Oliver Spring at the Clockwork Phoenix? And for tailor, Heidemarie at the Fainting Goat Tailor.
Best of luck in your endeavors,
- Cordelia"
[!] A reply would be sent to Sifer in response to his posting of interest. [!]


My name is Nova Tiamat Mahadi of the Lion's Head Artisanry Guild. We have plenty of talent over at the guild that can match what you're looking for. I'll attach a pamphlet of who we are and our offered services so you know what to seek. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to any of the Founders and pepper us with them. That would be me, Gabriel de Barassa, and Atawn Sigmund.

Take care."

A pamphlet would be folded up with the response.