Dredge1001's Whitelist Application


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So, adventurer, what is your name? Dredge1001

Do you have any travel companions you'd like to bring along, friend? nope

Hm, how old are you, friend? I, er, need it for the form here. 23

How did you find out about this voyage, anyhow? A friend named Gahora

Alright, we have some rules set about for the voyage ahead. To make sure you understand them, please recite them to me. We don't want any funny business, after all! Roleplay, is playing a role. Think of it as being in a play, you are the character you are playing except you come up with the lines as life takes its twists and turns.
Metagaming is giving your character knowledge that they would not know or have not yet learned in game, such as finding out OOC where some buried treasure is and going to that exact spot. You still need to adventure around and find in in character.
Powergaming is giving your character abilities and strengths it would not naturally have. My character can not lift a mountain with its pinky finger.

Now that we've gone over the rules of the vessel, are there any that stick out to you? Modshopping: this sticks out to me because I really appreciate this rule. All staff should be trusted equally and any moderators should have equal ability to look after an event or situation.

Out of curiosity, what is your ancestry? The Primani interest me as the Waterborn is what I intend to play as. I like the depth of information given about each subrace, their strengths and weaknesses.

What is it that interests you, friend? Its so in-depth and very well written. It gives me a clear understanding of each race or region. Now a dislike is there is a lot of reading, but each topic is broken down well enough that it doesn't seem like too much all at once. Its hard to get a good indepth lore with few words, but I think this server has done a great job at balancing itself.

Would you mind regaling me with a tale while we wait for the workers to take care of this form? You enter a tavern where you see a large Tang-Nijoni man arm-wrestling a large raven haired human female. You hear the cries of two Smallfolke barking out to the crowd '10 glimmers to challenge the Tang-Nijoni...100 glimmers if you win.' Choose your actions carefully, traveler…

Put in an answer as though you are roleplaying. Be sure to include emotes and dialogue if applicable! This section needs to be at least a paragraph in length. Be sure to answer questions like, "Who, what, when, where, why, and how?" You may want to reference the lore as well. *After a long day the bustle and excitement of a tavern is all I need.* I think to myself as I enter the tavern. I walk over to the bar and take a seat on one of the stools. "Are those two Brandy boys at it again?" (referencing the two smallfolk barking at the crowd) I say to the barkeep. The barkeep chuckles "Ah, haha, they never stop. E'ry night they are here with some new strongman trying to empty the pockets of e'ry drunk here. But what are you doing sitting here? I seen you beat any man those two have brought through here?" The barkeep says while handing me a tall mug of ale "What do you mean, look at these little arms I have, I can hardly lift this large mug of ale to my lips." I say as I pretend to shakily lift the mug to my lips and wink at another customer sitting next to me. "It's not fun for me if I ruin there fun every night haha. But who be the fine young lady who looks about to be him?"
"Ah, that be a newcomer to town, ne'er seen her before tonight. And don't you go eyeing up e'ry young lady that walks in here, you keep scaring them away."
"I don't scare anyone away, it's your bad ale and whatever ends up floating in it." I say picking out a clump of hair and tossing it on the ground.


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Whitelist Team

Hey Traveler! Don't think we've forgotten about you, currently Inkwells whitelists are on pause. But don't worry! We're working on getting everything up and running so the server can be the best it can be for you! Please reply down below with your discord and we'll have one of our whitelist team contact you once your application is processed!

Thank you for your patience! - Inkwell Staff