Important Consequence Policy


Consequence Policy

  1. Before Punishment: Before any official action is taken, Moderation members are allowed to mute/kick/verbally warn members as needed if given probable cause.​
  2. Mild Incident: When a player has performed an action the staff team considers “mild” (eg. excessive trolling, disrespecting other players, arguing with staff, etc.) they will receive an “infraction.”​
    1. Infractions are handled purely as warnings and expire after 1 month of good behaviour.​
    2. Failure to comply during this period will add an infraction, which will need to expire before the previous one can.​
    3. A third infraction will bump all 3 incidents up to a moderate incident. (3 Infractions = 1 Misdemeanor)​
    4. Staff members will be demoted after their second infraction and will incur a staff ban equal to the amount of time it takes for them to expire.​
  3. Moderate Incident: If an incident is more consequential or harmful to the community (eg. powergaming, maliciously assuming/abusing mechanics, staff favoritism, not following staff protocol, etc.) that is considered a “misdemeanor.”​
    1. Misdemeanors are handled with an initial temporary ban, typically between 1 week and 1 month, after which point the warning will expire after 3 months of good behaviour.​
    2. Failure to comply during this period will bump both incidents to a severe one. (2 Misdemeanors = 1 Felony)​
    3. Staff members will be demoted after their first misdemeanor and will incur a staff ban equal to double the amount of time it takes for them to expire.​
  4. Severe Incident: The most extreme possibility a player may undergo is considered a “felony.” Generally speaking, incidents only go to severe when they threaten the foundation of the server. (eg. predatory behaviour, consistent malicious behaviour, extreme toxicity, etc.)​
    1. Felonies typically result in a permanent ban and require an appeal to lift. If lifted. Felonies expire after 6 months if you are unbanned. Any rule-breaking during this period will be handled more seriously than usual.​
    2. If you have committed a severe incident and are unbanned, you will be staff banned until the head moderator feels you can be trusted on staff.​
  5. Incident of the Highest Order: These punishments are reserved only for players who are a genuine problem for our community, such as true pedophiles, witch-hunters, "DOXXing," going against our server’s values, etc. Such players will receive a “DNR” (do not return) and are not welcome on Inkwell Realms.​

Appealing your Punishment: All appeals are to be posted in the “Punishment Appeals” section of the forums under “Moderation.” There is no particular format, as we believe a player should be writing it in a manner that they feel allows them to explain themselves best. These are reviewed and ruled on a case-by-case basis.
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