Approved [Artifice] PatchworkArtist's Custom Item Application for The Mediator's Judgement


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Which account do you want to receive this item?

What is this application for? Artifice

Name of Character Creating Item Cordelia

Name of Item Character is Creating The Mediator's Judgement

What is your runic chain?
When - Fire Provided - Transmute - Enhance - Cold - and - Fire
Enhance - Motion - Target - Momentum
On - Hit - Mark - Ice

Number of Items Being Applied For 1

Rarity of Item Being Created Rare

Materials Used in Creation of Item iron, standard essentia

Flavor Description of Item A beautifully made maul which is made out of hefty Ash wood. It displays beautiful Malachian engravings, which depict several symbols to the Keeper of the Covenant, as well as small prayers. One of which reads 'Bring Justice Served Cold to all who your verdict falls on, oh Avenger of Blood'. Unlike a normal maul, it has a large spike on the back.

Function Description of Item 20 Magical Bludgeoning/Magical Piercing, 1 Cold | Heavy, Two-Handed, +1. When the hammer is empowered with a Fire Draca's Breath, it will gain an Extra +1 Cold damage. When an attack made with this maul hits the target, that creature receives a non-stacking -2 to their speed for 1 round.

Crafting RP
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Mechanics are approved.