Aquatic Combat

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Aquatic Combat
Introduction: Fighting in water is not an easy task that everyone can do, especially people and races that are not prepared to be inside of it for prolonged periods of time. Due to this, there are some extra rules that pop up whenever combat underwater is being handled.

Aquatic Creatures: Certain creatures and races are more adapted to fighting and moving underwater. Such a thing allows them to have an edge when moving underwater, letting them not suffer from many of the conditions that otherwise non-adapted races suffer, or at least are able to lessen the issues. Unless otherwise specified, creatures are subject to the weaknesses of fighting underwater.

Water Mechanics: Fighting underwater requires some changes in the usual combat tactics, as creatures that are not aquatic have to deal with the heavier drag that water provides, for the purposes of this system, being inside of water that’s at least 2 meters deep (2 blocks) is considered being underwater. When fighting underwater, creatures that are not considered aquatic creatures suffer the following:
  • Their Speed is reduced by one-half of its total, rounded down.
  • They gain disadvantage on Dexterity checks.
Heavy Armor: Aside from the usual perils, these get even worse should a character be wearing heavy armor, as their weight would increase, causing them to sink, and their maneuverability underwater would be severely affected. While wearing heavy armor, creatures suffer the following:
  • Their speed becomes 0 while inside the water, and it becomes 2 when they are at the bottom/floor.
  • They will begin sinking at a rate of 4 blocks per round, this happens at the start of their turn.
  • Additionally, they gain double disadvantage on Dexterity checks rather than a singular disadvantage.
  • Aquatic races still sink whilst wearing heavy armour, but at a rate of 3 blocks per round, they gain disadvantage on Dexterity checks and their speed is also halved.
Environment: Aside from this, there are also some other environmental variables that need to be taken into account when fighting underwater:
  • Ranged weapons have their maximum range halved whilst submerged in water.
  • Ranged attacks are made at Disadvantage whilst submerged in water.
  • Whilst submerged in water, you do not apply your Strength modifier to attack rolls made with melee weapons that deal slashing or bludgeoning damage.
Holding Breath: A character who can’t breathe underwater and has no special abilities to increase their ability to hold their breath can hold their breath a number of rounds equal to Health/10. This number decreases at the beginning of every turn they remain submerged in water after their first. To regain their breath, they must remain above water from the end of their turn, until the start of their next turn.

When a creature runs out of breath, they fall immediately unconscious, their health remains the same for the purposes of survival, but will be slowly dying and at the fate of the GM from there onwards.
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