Inkwell Realms

Imagine, for but a moment, a world where you can do (or be) anything. In this world, you have all sorts of oddities- spirits, gods, magic, and even the ability to "weave" dreams from your fingertips. This world is called Beltrass- a place made up of vast ocean and a plethora of isles, all of which have inhabitants of all stripes. Within this place, there exists a mysterious isle none know of named Arcas, a region filled to the brim with all manner of plants, animals, and even materials ripe for the picking. However, it also has something else- ruins dotting the landscape, built by a by-gone civilization, all ripe for exploration.

Inkwell Realms is a server with a goal to cater towards those who desire a place that allows them to be creative- to be or become whatever it is that fills their heads. As a server, we desire to have a community that is both friendly and open-minded, while also allowing for an experience that is fun for both new and old players alike.

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